Josepa Spring

This trek is suitable for people accustomed to hiking. The route has some steep gradients but is suitable for everyone.

Ideal as a family excursion or as an introduction to mountain trekking, this is a great way to enjoy nature accompanied by pack donkeys that carry your backpacks and other gear.

Under-10s can ride on the donkey that accompanies them.

We’ll discover the Ruda Spring, the Furroi Hut, the Roca Grossa (Big Rock), the Roquet Kist and the Josepa Spring.

. Duration: 2 hr. - 2 hr. 30 min.
. 7 km approx. - semi-circular route
. Maximum capacity: 15 people per group
. 1 pack donkey for every three people
. Price: €15/adult and €8/under-12s

. All the routes are guided and the donkeys carry trekkers’ backpacks. Following a brief introduction to guiding donkeys, anyone who wants to can lead the animals. Adults cannot ride on the donkeys; they can only be ridden by children and the donkey must be at a standstill in order for the child to climb on.

. Although these are not high-mountain routes, they do include uneven paths, so appropriate footwear is recommended, such as hiking boots. Participants should wear suitable clothing, taking into account the time of year and the time of day of the trek.

. The routes can be organised for between one and 15 participants. In the case of a full-capacity group, there will be one donkey for every three trekkers. For safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on the routes.

Donkey guiding
Before each trek, participants are given a brief introduction to the characteristics of the donkeys that will accompany them, and on how to guide and handle them during the trek.

In all of these activities, any harm caused to trekkers by donkeys is covered by our insurance policy. Any other type of incident or accident will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the participants.

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