El Roquetal

El Roquetal is the forest shelter where we stop to rest and eat on the Verneda and Puig d’Arques routes. Located on a rocky plain amid cork oak groves, it offers views of the Llagostera plains, enjoying all-day sun. The shelter was originally built in 1797 and was restored in 2002, conserving the forest house character kept alive over centuries of forestry. In addition to having a well-earned rest, trekkers get the chance to enjoy the shelter itself and its surroundings.

Meanwhile, different activities are organised at El Roquetal, such as courses, gatherings, work meetings and book presentations. It can also be used as a creative space, with the peculiarity that the house does not have electricity; light is provided by lamps and candles. Like any good shelter it also has a space for sleeping (up to ten people). The prices of these activities at El Roquetal will be set according to the agreed terms and conditions. Donkey treks can also be arranged. The facilities are not open to visitors under 16 years old.

Activities at the Roquetal

If you would like to rent the Roquetal forest shelter for different activities (courses, gatherings, work meetings, creative space and book presentations) please email us at rucsdelesgavarres@gmail.com or call 605856580.